The following are the fanlistings with which I am currently satisfied and are open for joining.
a silent requiem: the fanlisting for Prince Septimus of Stardust (film).
link: www

Unwritten: the fanlisting for Aster/Edo Phoenix of Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx series (anime).
link: www

to be redone...

 The following are the fanlistings that are still open for joining, but that I made a long time ago and plan to redo the layout and such.
Divine Justice: the fanlisting for Taigong Wang or Jiang Ziya(姜子牙)of the Warriors Orochi series (game).
link: www


The fanlistings I want but which are already taken.
ike: the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiant Dawn and FE: Radiant Dawn.


The fanlistings I once owned that I have closed (and which may or may not be open for application at this point).
Fear it: the fanlisting for Guan Yu (關羽)of the Dynasty Warriors series (game) as well as Romance of the Three Kingdoms (novel).