why hullo there


 Is very surprised that you care, O dear reader. Truthfully I'm not very special, but an 'about me' page is pretty compulsory so here goes nothing.
     So I'm a fifteen-year-old girl and I think you should be able figure my name out pretty easily. If not, I'll give you a clue; you can either look up (ahem, at the URL), or down (ahem, at the lame footer). I first started html/css through my dad at eight-ish, but never really took to it until several years later.
     Frankly I am a bit of an introvert (with many some exceptions), but only at the outset. I like to be opened so come talk to me! And I like to open other people: people with closed doors, the kind of people who need to be unwrapped, tend to be the most interesting. Wouldn't you say?
     P.S. if for some crazy reason you want to know more about me check out my little photo gallery.

random idiosyncrasies...

  • My nickname is "Mid-evil" which is a reference to "medieval;" because I'm the middle child and allegedly (though I emphasize allegedly) evil.
  • The Celtics are the best basketball team in the whole @#!ing NBA.
  • ...I make a lot of typos. Correct me?
  • Red is the bestest color in the world.
  • I rather suck at web design.
  • I really suck at java.

on a final note...

 Honestly, this is just here because I thought that that big teal box at the bottom of the page was not aesthetically pleasing. So yay! Anyway, feel free to explore and have a nice day.